2018-07-04 (Updated: )

This is the personal blog of Elliot Nelson.

Professionally, I’m a software engineer who has spent a lot of time writing enterprise Java & C#, mountains of Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, and all their siblings; but, nowadays I spend most of my time tinkering with CI/CD pipelines and writing client- & server-side JavaScript.

In my spare time I play some video games, watch some TV, solve some puzzles, and enjoy tinkering with JavaScript projects – especially, seasonally, js13kgames and Advent of Code.

Personal Projects

  • WIZARD WITH A SHOTGUN was my 2020 entry for #js13k. It’s a top-down 2D pixel art shooter, and probably the closest I’ve gotten to a complete game - sound, music, a little dialog, basic animations, a little bit of story, etc. This was fun to put together and came out pretty close to the way I imagined it.

  • Letchworth Village was my 2019 entry for #js13k. Unfortunately this one had to be shipped half-finished, as I didn’t have time that year to complete it, but I still enjoy the aesthetic. This entry is notable in that I wrote it in TypeScript, which was interesting but I probably won’t do again.

  • Raven was my 2018 entry for #js13k. It’s a top-down 2D stealth game and involved a lot of raycasting math, which was a fun way to dust off stuff I loved working on many years ago.

  • awesome-branch-name is a silly tool that generates branch names for you based on Magic: the Gathering card names. I use this almost every day and enjoy updating it once a year or so to include new card names.


  • This site is generated using Hexo, with a tweaked version of the Clean Blog theme from Start Bootstrap (adapted for Hexo by Jonathan Klughertz).

  • Syntax highlighting theme is An Old Hope from highlightjs, tweaked slightly to look good on the page and to look a little more like An Old Hope in VSCode.